Founded in Paris in 1883, The Alliance Française is the largest network of French language and cultural institutions in the world, with chapters in 138 countries, including 115 chapters in the United States.  The Omaha chapter began in 1917 and this year we celebrate our centennial. 


To share and celebrate the French language and the francophone world through cultural and
educational programs.


Partager et célébrer la langue française et le monde francophone en proposant des programmes
culturels et éducatifs.

  Présidente de l'Alliance Française d'Omaha:  Holly Richmond

Présidente de l'Alliance Française d'Omaha:  Holly Richmond

For one hundred years, the Alliance Française d’Omaha has been thriving in Omaha, celebrating the French language and culture and myriad variations of it in the many francophone countries across the globe. Anyone who loves the French language, food, wine, cinema, art, literature, and all the many French things that have so enriched the world should consider becoming a member. Not only will you find other people with similar interests, but also endless opportunities to learn and expand your knowledge. Our vision is to make the Alliance a cultural hub in Omaha by offering a greater array of classes, promoting diverse membership and ultimately securing our own physical location. Making this vision a reality will be an exciting journey. I invite all of you along. Vive l’Alliance!
— Holly Richmond

2017 est l'année de notre centenaire !

DÉCLARATION DE VISION - Voici notre vision pour les 100 prochaines années :

Faire rayonner, dans la région du Grand Omaha, l'intérêt pour la langue et pour la culture françaises, enrichir la qualité de notre programmation et explorer la richesse de l'histoire, des arts et de la diversité culturelle du monde francophone.


2017 is Our Centennial Year!


Our Vision for the next 100 years is to deepen an appreciation in the Greater Omaha Area for the French language and culture and to enhance the quality of our programs which explore the rich history, arts, and evolving diversity of the French speaking world.