désir de lire - a french blook club for afo members

Do you have an interest in French literature and want an opportunity to expand your knowledge of written and spoken French?  If so, consider participating in our book club!

Désir de Lire will meet 9-10 times a year, January through November, from 4:00pm - 5:30pm.  We will focus on book selections from Lance Donaldson-Evans' fabulous book - 100 Great French Books: From the Middle Ages to Present.  Venue may change as needed.

Désir de Lire book club is for AFO members only.  If you would like to participate and are not a member, please consider joining. 


Our next Desir de Lire will be at 4:00 p.m. le dimanche, 3 decembre in the Old Market Book Store in the passageway.  We will continue discussing Le Pere Goriot, from page 200. 

We hope you are enjoying the novel. Balzac does such an interesting description of society.


Remember — any member is welcome to join us anytime!  Feel free to spread the word.

pere goriot

For more information or to sign up, email: bonjour@afomaha.org

Once you register for the book club, information regarding location will be emailed to you directly each month. 

There will be no participation fee, although members will purchase their own books.  Advanced or intermediate level of French is advised, although anyone is welcome to attend and listen.

Books can be found at frenchbooksonline.com , amazon.fr , Abe's Books, or any other source you choose.

2017 Désire de Lire Schedule

8 janvier:  Le rouge et le noir, livre 1

12 février:  Le rouge et le noir, livre 2

12 mars:    Vendredi ou les limbes du pacifique

30 avril:    L'invitation au voyage de Beaudelaire (poème)

28 mai:    L'amant de Marguerite Duras

24 septembre:  Le père Goriot (Balzac)

29 octobre: Le père Goriot continue

3 decembre:  Le père Goriot fin



Enrichissez-vous avec le Désir de Lire!