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Le Brio

  • UNO Criss Library, Room 249 University of Nebraska at Omaha Omaha, NE. 68182 USA (map)

Join us on May 18th for a recent French film you won’t be able to see anywhere else.

Le Brio. A film that examines the very topical issue facing many countries—how to deal with racism. 

Neïla, a girl of Algerian descent, lives in a housing project in the suburbs of Paris. Always a good pupil, she has decided to become a lawyer and has enrolled at the Assas University in Paris. But on her first day, she arrives late to the great amphitheater where Pierre Mazard, a controversial law professor, gives his class. Neïla is taken to task by him in words tainted with racism. Some students complain and the university’s President asks the prof to redeem himself by training his victim for a prestigious speech contest Assas is associated with. Reluctant at first, Pierre is forced to accept the deal. But how will NeÏla put up with working with her torturer? And how will Mazard refrain from taking advantage of the situation to go on mistreating her?

The film stars Daniel Auteuil, Camélia Jordana and Yasin Houicha. It is directed by Yvan Attal and was nominated for a César in 2018. It has not yet been released in the United States. 

Le Brio will be shown at UNO Criss Library on May 18th at 2:00 p.m.

Popcorn and water will be provided!

A discussion in French will follow the 95 minute film.

Tous sont les bienvenus!

Le Brio
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