french language CLASSES

Alliance Française d'Omaha currently offers French classes in the Fall, Winter,  Spring and Summer.  From true beginner to advanced, all classes are taught by experienced teachers. What is especially important is that our students are enthusiastic about taking classes because they enjoy learning the French language.  

The Traditional AFO Classes are broken down into three 10-week sessions offered every Fall, Winter and Spring.  Students may expect to advance to the next level of classes after completing all three sessions (30 weeks total).  A student may also have the option of advancing to the next level if he/she feels ready to do so before completing all three sessions.  Students may also repeat courses as often as desired.  After reading over the course descriptions, if you are unsure about which level you should attend,  we invite you to contact the instructors directly.

Summer Session 2016 is ready!  

French for your inner child

A fun and original summer class designed specifically for adults. Reconnect with your inner child!

inner child

Description:  French for Your Inner Child will use stories, cartoons, songs, & rhymes that French children regularly enjoy.

  • Expand your French conversational skills
  • Instantly broaden your vocabulary
  • Develop your French reading skills

All while enjoying the simplicity of childhood in this dynamic class.  Classes will be held in both French and English making this class suitable for intermediate to advanced students.  7-week session


Instructor:  Krissy Abdouch Stiles

Meeting Time:      Mondays, 6:30– 7:30pm 

                                     July 11 - August 24, 2016

Location:                 Boys Town Campus, 13460 Walsh Drive