ABOUT our classes

Alliance Française d'Omaha currently offers French classes in the Fall, Winter,  Spring and Summer.  From true beginner to advanced, all classes are taught by experienced teachers. What is especially important is that our students are enthusiastic about taking classes because they enjoy learning the French language.  After reading over the course descriptions, if you are unsure about which level you should attend,  we invite you to contact us at bonjour@afomaha.org and mention “question about classes” in subject line.

The Grammar Classes (Level 1, 2, 3)  are broken down into three 10-week sessions offered every Fall, Winter and Spring as follows:

Fall Session:             Levels 101, 201, 301
Winter Session:       Levels 102, 202, 302
Spring Session:        Levels 103, 203, 303

French Grammar courses

Level 100 classes are designed for beginning students and progress through the year - 101, 102, 103.  Although it is helpful to have taken the prior class, we welcome new registrants to contact us with any questions about placement.  Level 100 classes are an introduction to the French language and culture with a focus on developing basic grammar and vocabulary.  Instruction via textbook, individual/group activities and multi-media.

Level 200 classes are designed for intermediate level students who have either completed Level 103 class or have an equivalent familiarity with the French language. 

Level 300 classes are considered advanced level for students that have completed Level 203 class or have an equivalent background with the French language. 

Level 400 classes are designed for those who have completed a Level 3 equivalency or possess a Level 3 skill level.  Course material includes advanced grammar and reading practice. 

Students may expect to advance to the next level of classes after completing all three sessions (30 weeks total).  A student may also have the option of advancing to the next level if he/she feels ready to do so before completing all three sessions.  Students may also repeat courses as often as desired.  If you have any questions about which class to take, please contact us at bonjour@afomaha.org directly for assistance. 

French conversation courses

Salon Avancé is a guided conversation group for those with an established understanding of French grammar and communication.  Students will delve further into the study of the French language & culture using themed topics of discussion, recommended texts, individual/group activities and various forms of media. Each session will last 10 weeks.

Parlons Français Ensemble is designed for students who have completed levels 1 thru 3 of the Grammar courses or have knowledge of basic grammar and able to use the past and future tenses.  With this class students will become more comfortable speaking French, and improve their pronunciation, vocabulary and sentence structure. Each session will last 8 weeks.

Special Topics courses

French for Travelers - Beginning French for those wishing to learn basic phrases, culture and food as well as useful travel tips.

French for Kids - Beginning French for kids ages ranging from 9-12.

Upcoming class schedule

Fall 2018

  • Monday classes will commence
  • Wednesday classes will commence
  • Saturday classes will commence

As always, if you don't see a class you are interested in, or have suggestions for new classes, please contact us at bonjour@afomaha.org.    We'd love to hear from you!


SUMMER classes:

Cours du Cinéma

Three films, 9 weeks. Join us for a film class that takes a look at three very different films. Each film will be viewed and discussed for three consecutive weeks. Instructors will have students view parts of the film, discuss them and learn French vocabulary at the same time. The films will be in French with English subtitles. See all three or pick two. The films are:

Bande des Filles -- "Girlhood" 2014

(June 7, 14 & July 5)

MicMacs à Tire Larigot -- "Non-Stop Shenanigans" 2009

(July 19, 26 & August 2nd)

Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis -- "Welcome to the Sticks" 2008

(August 9, 30 & September 6)

Meeting Time:    Thursdays, 6:30-8pm

9 Meetings:         June 7, 14, July 5, 19, 26, August 2, 9, 30 & September 6

Location:            Kaneko Classroom, 1111 Jones St.

Visitons le louvre (4-weeks - all levels)

Taught in English and French.  We break down the museum so it's not so overwhelming to visit, including a brief art history for many of the objects on display.

Meeting Time:    Mondays, 6:30-8pm

Session:            4 meetings: June 11, 18, 25, July 2

Location:            Boys Town Campus, 13460 Walsh Dr.     

Chateaux, Églises, et Cathédrales (4 weeks - Level 300+)

Taught in French. We will study a variety of castles, churches, and cathedrals throughout France, including some history (architectural and/or political) to help viewers appreciate various features of these buildings.

Meeting Time:       Mondays, 6:30 - 8pm

Session:               July 9, 16, 23,  30           

Location:             Boys Town Campus, 13460 Walsh Dr.


French slang (Workshop -2Hrs)

If you want to speak like a real French person, you have to know the slang.  Every culture has its own way of expressing itself—words, phrases and idioms that aren’t taught in the classroom. This workshop will teach you how the French do it. We’ll explore all aspects of slang, teach you how to be cool in French and tell you about the words you may want to avoid!  Pack a bag lunch and join us. Learn l’argot française.  Must have taken French classes and know some French.

Meeting Time:       Saturday, 12pm - 2pm

Session:               July 21, 2018

Location:             Kaneko, 1111 Jones Street, Omaha

Paroles de chansons françaises (Workshop - 2Hours)

Enhance your grammar, diction, and love for French language through the lyrics of two beloved French songs: Brel’s Ne me quitte pas and Piaf’s La vie en rose.  Discover the rules of “lyric diction” and the distinct differences between singing French and speaking French. Explore the poetry and meaning of the French lyrics, learn word-for-word translations, perfect your pronunciation, and experience la joie de chanter en français!  For all levels of French learners. No singing ability required, only a love for French music.

Meeting Time:       Saturday, 12pm - 2pm

Session:               August 11, 2018

Location:             Kaneko, 1111 Jones Street, Omaha

De grandes Françaises méconnues ou oubliées au fil des siècles

Great unknown or forgotten French women in history

workshop - (2hours)

History is full of famous men and their accomplishments. So much so that they often overshadow the many women who have contributed to and had an impact on the world. Learn about French women before 1914 who led amazing and trailblazing lives and left the world a richer place. Workshop will be English with an opportunity to improve your French vocabulary.   Please bring paper, pen and a bag lunch.

Meeting Time:       Saturday, 12pm - 2pm

Session:               September 15, 2018           

Location:             Kaneko, 1111 Jones Street, Omaha


 See map of UNO for class location held on campus.  UNO parking is free on weekends.




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