Alliance Française d'Omaha currently offers French classes in the Fall, Winter,  Spring and Summer.  From true beginner to advanced, all classes are taught by experienced teachers. What is especially important is that our students are enthusiastic about taking classes because they enjoy learning the French language.  After reading over the course descriptions, if you are unsure about which level you should attend,  we invite you to contact the instructors directly.

The Grammar Classes (Level 1, 2, 3)  are broken down into three 10-week sessions offered every Fall, Winter and Spring as follows:

Fall Session:             Levels 101, 201, 301
Winter Session:       Levels 102, 202, 302
Spring Session:        Levels 103, 203, 303

French Grammar/Communication Courses

Level 100 classes are designed for beginning students and progress through the year - 101, 102, 103.  Although it is helpful to have taken the prior class, we welcome new registrants to contact the instructor with any questions about placement.

Level 200 classes are designed for intermediate level students who have either completed Level 103 class or have an equivalent familiarity with the French language. 

Level 300 classes are considered advanced level for students that have completed Level 203 class or have an equivalent background with the French language. 

Students may expect to advance to the next level of classes after completing all three sessions (30 weeks total).  A student may also have the option of advancing to the next level if he/she feels ready to do so before completing all three sessions.  Students may also repeat courses as often as desired.  If you have any questions about which class to take, please contact one of our instructors directly for assistance. 

The Conversation Group (Salon Avancé) will be offered every Fall, Winter and Spring Session.  Each session will last 10 weeks.

Special Topics classes (such as French for Travelers) may also be offered during any session.  This will be determined seasonally, on an "as needed" basis.  Special topic classes are typically 8-weeks long.  

FALL Session 2016 is here!  


Description:  Designed to be a guided conversation group.  Because a basic understanding has already been developed, students will delve further into the study of the French language/culture using themed topics of discussion, the recommended texts, individual/group activities and various forms of media.  Throughout the ten week session, students will further hone their French speaking skills by focusing on advanced grammar, vocabulary and “trouble areas.”

Instructor:              Krissy Abdouch Stiles

Meeting Time:      Mondays, 6:30– 8pm 

                                     Begins September 12, 2016

Location:                 Boys Town Campus,

                                     13460 Walsh Drive



grammar 101 (10-weeks - beginner)

Description:  An introduction to the French language and culture with a focus on developing basic grammar and vocabulary.  Instruction via textbook, individual/group activities and multi-media.

Instructor:            James de Montjoye

Meeting Time:     Saturdays, 10:00 am – 11:30 am

                                    Begins September 10, 2016

Location:               UNO Arts & Sciences Hall, Room 339



Description:  A continuation of the Grammar 101 (Beginner) class.  Students will continue to build a basic understanding of the French language via grammar drills, expanding vocabulary, use of multi-media and individual/group participation in activities.

Instructor:             Krissy Abdouch Stiles

Meeting Time:      Saturdays, 11:15 am - 12:45pm

                                     Begins September 10, 2016

Location:               UNO Arts & Sciences Hall, Room 344    


grammar 301 (10-weeks - advanced)

Description: A continuation of Grammar 201 (Intermediate) class.  Further development into the study of the French language and culture using the recommended textbook, individual/group activities and various media.

Instructor:               Krissy Abdouch Stiles

Meeting Time:        Saturdays 9:30 - 11:00 am

                                       Begins September 10, 2016

Location:                   UNO Arts & Sciences Hall, Room 344


See map of UNO for class location held on campus.  UNO parking is free on weekends.