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Introducing:  100 Ans - The centennial history of the alliance française d'omaha

Be present for the BIG REVEAL on August 13th, 2017 of our commemorative book chronicling 100 years of people and events that have made AFO the exceptional organization it is! 

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“100 Ans-A Centennial History of the Alliance Française Omaha” is a work of love and pride, full of carefully researched glimpses into the past and documentation of our impressive present. This book was compiled/written by a team of our own members.  It is a hardcover, colorful, professionally assembled book that you will read with pride, again and again. 

You may pre-order and pay for your copy of 100 ans online NOW

Your copy of "100 Ans" may be picked up in person at our launch event on August 13th, or we will ship to any specified U.S. address when they become available.  Shipping charges of $6 will apply when shipping to any U.S. address.  

Please note during the online checkout:  You will be asked to enter a "Ship To" address (required fields) even if picking up your book in person at the Aug 13th event.   Then, on the next screen, you will be able to select "Pick Up at the Book Launch Event" to avoid shipping and shipping charges.   Thank you!

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